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We lost both of them in 2009.

Stinson Park

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Stinson Park
4050 San Juan Avenue
Jacksonville, FL 32210

Date visited: 1-17-2010

Amenities offered at this park:
14 - Benches
1 - Bike racks
16 - Car Parking
2 - Pedestrian Docks
1 - Picnic shelters
3 - Picnic Tables
6 - Playground Equipment
.2 - Trails Paved (Miles)
7 - Trash Barrels
Yes - Drinking Fountain
Yes - Perimeter Site Fencing
Yes - Security Lighting

Acres: 2

Park Type: Neighborhood

Stinson Park is located adjacent to the Ortega River Bridge in the Lakeside Park neighborhood that was platted in 1907. The extension of the streetcar line in 1908 from downtown Jacksonville through Lakeside Park and over the new wooden bridge to Ortega, greatly facilitated the area’s growth. The park is named for William M. Stinson, a physician and the president of Riverside Realty Co., the developer who dedicated the land for the park to Duval County in 1912. A medical officer during World War I, he was active in local civic affairs and died in 1954. In 2001, neighborhood residents organized to renovate and beautify five City properties in the area, including Stinson Park. They enlisted the City’s support, and a beautiful new park design was created in 2003, with construction completed in August 2004.

My thoughts on this Park:
This park sits right on the Ortega river and is a very nice park. It was a fabulous day to visit parks anyway, warm and sunny and very windy with some clouds being blown past. This park has many large Oaks and many palm trees and has landscaping that is well designed. I sat for a while watching as the boats that were anchored and moored bobbed in the choppy water. I would not want to be sailing on a day with this much wind. I got a couple of pictures but none that truly showed how many black birds were hanging out in the trees here. The screeching was cacophonous, rising to a crescendo and then dropping down to manageable when they took off from the trees. This was the first park I have visited that I found a bowl for the puppies to get a drink as well. How cool is that? A friend of mine told me about a broken child’s swing that she reported and I doubled checked to ensure it had been repaired. She told me that she saw a child fly out of it while her parents were pushing it. It was not readily noticeable that it was broken according to my friend. Can you imagine the terror of watching your kiddo fly out of a swing? I really enjoyed the floating pedestrian dock although on this visit it was really rocking and rolling with the waves. The retaining wall was washing away in places and some of the bricks in the pave patio had been ripped up.

Park Patron comments:
I did not feel like talking to anyone while I was visiting this park.

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Karen said...

This is one of my favorite Jacksonville parks! It's a great place to visit with young children because there is a lot of toddler-friendly playground equipment. It also has a nice grassy area for picnics and a sandy beach area that kids love! It's fun for children to watch the boats go by or to see the bridge go up and down.

Duane Smith said...

You are so right, this is a fabulous park for so many reasons. Thanks for visiting the site and thank you for the feedback

Anonymous said...

This park was an awesome place to visit, BEFORE the city decided to FIX it. I realize the park system has many projects and cannot supervise each and every project. Especially when it comes to hiring professional help. It wasn't too long ago you could actually fish, and walk along the bank, without the million dollar make-over. It seems before the make over people who fished cleaned up after themselves, carrying home there garbage. Now with the makeover, trashcans are available, but constantly overflow, so the person without commonsense throws the trash in the river or just a few feet from the trash can. This was also an awesome place to relax and watch the fireworks downtown, and once again people were courteous and respected OTHER PEOPLES PROPERTY! Now after an event the trash just blows into the river and private yards. The people who visited this park for a big event show no respect for others the environment or the park. This is evident of dirty diapers left in the parking lot, dropped from a car, and the bag of fast-food trash left by the car in the parking lot; just a few steps from a trash can. I know that the city does have engineers that made a design for the renovations of this park. If I might ask, Did you not ask the Army Corp of Engineers about the rough current on the south side of the Ortega Bridge. The walls are collapsing because of the current. Funny I knew this and I'm just a housewife. Ask yourself about our current obsession with GOING GREEN. SHOULDN'T BEING GREEN START WITH BEING CLEAN?

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